CityWatch Security Programme

The CityWatch programme seeks to improve the community's perception and experience of safety in the city centre, particularly in relation to breaches of the  Public Safety and Nuisance bylaw  and associated behaviour, as this affects people's enjoyment and visitation into the city centre. The programme sees a security team of four guards, operating across the day and night, including till 4am on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The hours of operation focuses on busy times, and seek to compliment policing resources and strategies. .

The primary focus for the programme is to enforce the Public Safety and Nuisance bylaw - including begging that causes a public nuisance, busking rules, outdoor trading permits , and issuing warnings and collecting prosecution data for offensive behaviour where it breaches council bylaws (such as glue sniffing, window washing) and reporting serious offences directly to the police. The team also report illegal rubbish dumping in the streets to the Auckland Council.

The CityWatch guards are able to help with moving on unpermitted street traders, buskers, begging where it is causing a public nuisance and assisting with disorderly behaviour occurring on public property. To report an incident please call the Auckland Council Call Centre on (09) 301 0101 so a job can be logged and a guard sent out. The Auckland Council Call Centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more serious crime call 111 if an emergency.


BarWatch is a network of city centre bars and clubs that have come together to support the creation of a safer night time environment.

The network operates on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights, and uses radios to exchange vital information on issues such as intoxication, entry refusal and general disorder or violence. BarWatch is supported by a communications coordinator, and is linked in with the CityWatch patrols and the Police. It also has the support from Heart of the City.

To make BarWatch a real success, an extensive network of central city bars and other late night operators need to come on board. It has the potential to make a real difference to the city centre night time experience.

"It has been very useful and in some cases instrumental in keeping unwanted patrons out. We feel it really does improve general safety in the CBD." Rauairi Hatrick -Cassette 9

BarWatch offers a number of benefits for both participating bars and the wider city centre environment:

  • a great 'early warning and prevention'system with the ability to share information about any potential trouble that may arise
  • Quick and effective way to act on incidents that have been reported through the BarWatch network
  • Overall reduction of safety and alcohol related issues
  • Facilitates useful exchange of information between licensees and Police, including the Alcohol Harm Reduction Team

If you are interested in joining BarWatch or would like more information contact Trevor Goodwin at or call 0800 247 100. 

Alternatively contact us here at Heart of the City.

You can download our BarWatch flyer here.


StoreWatch is a communication network between 150+ Queen Street retailers and the NZ Police that aims to reduce and prevent retail theft in the city centre. The network is designed to get retailers talking to each other & looking out for each other by sharing critical information, and developing a sense of community through a common need.

We're now looking to expand our StoreWatch network into the surrounding areas.

Launched in 2013, the feedback we've received on this program has been fantastic!

"We have benefited a lot from being a part of StoreWatch. Since being a part of this program, we have made a close connection with the stores involved around us and also received heaps of support from the Police. We would 100% recommend StoreWatch to anyone." Sam Shepherd - Rebel Sport Atrium

If you are a retailer and are interesting in joining the StoreWatch network or would like more information, email or call 0800 247 100.  

You can download our StoreWatch flyer here.