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Recently we launched a campaign that profiles the reasons to visit the city centre, highlighting our diverse and vibrant neighbourhoods.  One of our neighbourhoods, the Albert Street Area, is facing severe challenges. 

The City Rail Link will deliver far-reaching benefits to Auckland but right now there are many businesses in the Albert Street area that would benefit from some neighbourly love - we're asking the city centre community to show Albert Street some love.

How can you help? Suggestions for city centre businesses

Become a #LoveAlbertStreet leader and show your support for Albert Street in a way that works for your business.  To assist, we’ve pulled together a list of businesses located in the area.

Here are some simple yet effective ways you can support Albert Street businesses:

  • Cater your next meeting with an Albert Street cafe or restaurant

  • Order your reception flowers (or farewell/thank you/congratulatory flowers) from Albert Street's fantastic florist, Roma Blooms.

  • Celebrating a birthday at work? Support Albert Street at the same time by buying your celebratory cakes from one of the great cafes.

  • Coffee adicts - get a free side of good karma with your coffees by having a coffee catch ups (or making your morning coffee run) at an Albert Street café.

  • Book an Albert Street venue for your next event

  • Say cheers at an Albert Street pub or bar for your next team drinks

  • Buy your lunch (or book your team lunch) at an Albert Street restaurant

  • Get creative and issue a challenge! One city centre business has put a challenge out to its employees – the team that spends the most at Albert Street businesses over the course of a week will win a voucher to be spent on Albert Street. 

City centre residents

If you're a city centre resident, this quite literally is your neighbourhood - and these businesses need great neighbours right now. Every little bit of extra patronage helps - so plan your next shopping trip, lunch date or excursion around Albert Street locations and show them some love. 


We’d love to see how you or your business are supporting the Albert Street area. Please share your stories, ideas, photos and videos of you supporting Albert Street on social media channels using #LoveAlbertStreet.

We'll spread the love even further by sharing your posts on our channels!

Our team is also joining the #LoveAlbertStreet challenge and we'll be sharing how we're supporting Albert Street on our LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts.