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Heart of the City gives Aucklanders 50 reasons to visit the city centre

News story
Tuesday 3 Mar 2020

Heart of the City is encouraging Aucklanders to come out and experience the exciting things going on in the city centre over the next few months. 

We've pulled together a list of the 50 top reasons to visit the city centre, showcasing the diversity and volume of things to see and do here - and ultimately showing Aucklanders why it’s worth coming out to enjoy, celebrate and support their city centre.  

In addition to one-off events, the ‘Top 50’ list also includes the opening of Commercial Bay – as well as free experiences and family-friendly activities.

We are also encouraging people to consider the different ways of travelling to the city centre, from public transport, which is free for kids under 16 on weekends, as well as cycle ways and multiple e-bike and e-scooter options to get between all the things happening here. And for those who need to drive, there is also affordable parking available in the evenings and on weekends.