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'Tactical urbanism' in action on Sale Street

News story
Friday 30 Aug 2019

Auckland Council is currently trialling some temporary changes to encourage a safer pedestrian environment on the corner of Sale Street and Wellesley Street, as it has been identified as posing challenges to pedestrians - with vehicle slip lanes and wide pedestrian crossing points. 

These improvements are an example of 'tactical urbanism' - quick, lower cost changes which will be monitored and amended as needed. This is similiar to the Federal Street temporary cycleway and the Shortland Street dots. 

The temporary improvements include:

  • Road narrowing / expanding the footpath space where Sale Street intersects with Wellesley Street by using planter boxes to extend the kerb
  • Installing an accessible crossing with ramps and tactile indicators
  • Installing two speed bumps and painting polka dots and paint patterns on the road to encourage safer vehicle speeds
  • Trialling the removal of 19 public car parks near the intersection to enable these improvements.

What does this all translate to? Slower speeds, shorter pedestrian crossing distances, drivers slowing & stopping for pedestrians, more room for walking and added colour to increase safety & awareness.

Work underway to install temporary pedestrian improvements on Sale Street. Photo: Ludo Campbell-Reid Twitter @AklDesignChamp