Barwatch Project update

Bars and clubs in the Heart of the City’s Fort St and High St precinct and in the K Road Business Association area have joined the BarWatch network and using two way radios to warn other bars about any anti-social behaviour, intoxicated patrons or other community safety issues. 

The BarWatch radio link means that troublemakers who are refused entry at one bar will find that other bars have been promptly warned not to allow entry elsewhere – a big step forward in making Downtown Auckland safer for regular night time visitors. The 6 month trial scheme has been a great success thanks to very positive uptake from bar owners and great support from NZ Police. Heart of the City, with the assistance of Police, is now looking at ways to ensure the scheme continues and expands to include many other bars in the city centre.

For more information on the progress of the project you can view the full story on the HOTCity Blog.