Electric trains have arrived!

Electric trains make rail travel more attractive. Trains are faster, quieter and more energy-efficient, and feature the latest developments in technology and safety. And starting today, they have begun operating on Auckland's suburban lines. 

Auckland's first electric trains will result in a major improvement to the level of passenger service on the suburban rail network and are expected to encourage more people to switch from car to public transport.

The trains, also known as Electric Multiple Units or EMUs, travel faster than the current fleet, allowing services to run more often and get passengers to their destinations quicker (eg. they will be able to shave approximately 10 minutes off the travel from Papakura to Britomart).

Features and benefits

  • Fifty-seven brand new electric trains comprising 2 motor cars and 1 trailer car
  • Each train carries up to 375 passengers
  • Electric trains offer a faster, more-frequent service
  • The trains are environmentally friendly: energy-efficient, quieter, and produce no air pollution
  • Ensuring passengers are comfortable and safe is also a key objective in the design.

The new electric train service commenced on April 28 2014, with the fleet progressively introduced across Auckland through 2014 and 2015.

To find out more information about these new electric trains & when you can expect to find them on your suburban line, please visit Auckland Transport.