Exceptional March Quarter Results

The March 2016 quarter delivers exceptional results for the City Centre

Marketview Ltd's results for the Heart of the City indicate that spending and transactions continue their upwards year on year trend with exceptional results reported for the March Quarter. Spending in the Heart of the City was up 17.6% on the the 2015 March quarter, with transactions also up 14.1%. By comparison, our competitors spending was up 4.3% and transactions up by 5.1%. 

A large portion of this growth has likely come from tourists, with spending by this sector up by 44.6% on last year.

We also saw growth in the number of merchants trading - up by 12.1%, and this is evident by the number of new businesses Heart of the City have been promoting in the last quarter.

Overall pedestrian counts in the city centre were also up by 3.8% over the same quarter last year. 

So it's great news for the growth and confidence in the city centre.