Love your City

In the last issue we shared with you our BIG little City campaign for this year: Love your City. Using photo sharing platform Instagram, we are encouraging Aucklanders to share the experiences they most enjoy in the BIG little City, from the whole baked snapper at Café Hanoi to catching a show at Q Theatre or heading down to Silo Park on the weekend and enjoying the winter sunshine.

The campaign is designed to encourage Aucklanders to reflect on what they enjoy most about the city centre, and to share this information with their networks and us through digital images. We’re displaying these images in galleries on the BIG little City website and facebook page and will be selecting the best shots for inclusion in a public exhibition during Art Week. We look forward to seeing many of your businesses and the city’s public spaces featuring in these images – and we hope that you will encourage your staff and customers to get involved too.

To see the Love Your City Campaign for yourself and to find out how you and your business can be part of it, please visit the BIG little City website.