Update your Membership Details

Please review and update your membership details to ensure that you, and others in your business, continue to receive regular information from us and have the chance to participate in Heart of the City events and activities.

You maybe receiving regular communications from us but your business or property may not be officially registered as a HOTCity member. It's important that all businesses and property owners eligible for HOTCity membership sign up! It's free, and is quick and easy to do. Being a member of HOTCity is a prerequisite for businesses participating in promotions and events, for having your voice heard and providing feedback on important issues, as well as business listings on both hotcity.co.nz and heartofthecity.co.nz. You are eligible for HOTCity membership if your business or property falls within the boundaries outlined in this map.

You'll be receiving this information as you will fall into one of the three categories below:

1. You are already a HOTCity member:Please review and update your membership contact details  via our "Members Login" here. If you don't know your username and password details contact us.

2. Your business or property lies within our boundaries, but you're not currently registered as a HOTCity memberBecome a HOTCity member.

Become a member here, or contact us to check the status of your membership.

3. You're not a member but would like to continue to receive communications from us: Please re-subscribe to our newsletter.

If you are not a member, and still want receive our regular e-newsletter about important city centre information please re-subscribe here. If you're a member you'll be signed up to receive our communications automatically as part of your membership - you do not need to resubscribe. We will be switching over to a new system in the near future, which means if you don't re-subscribe soon you will no longer continue to hear from us.

If you'd like to talk with with us about membership please contact us here or on (09) 379 8000.