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Deliveries and servicing businesses in a changing city

News story
Monday 20 Nov 2017

Many city centre businesses, property owners and their suppliers face challenges with loading and servicing, a critical part of doing business and maintaining a successful city centre.

In a recent survey undertaken with the support of Heart of the City, Auckland Transport found that many businesses are challenged by the current parking and loading environment and indicate this is having an impact on their business. Some of the key challenges includes finding available parking space relative to where it is needed and loading spaces are just not available due to high demand.

The changing environment in the city centre, including the construction associated with growth, increasing numbers of visitors, workers and residents and the move towards more pedestrian-friendly streets, means we need to think about how we approach loading and servicing in the city centre. This is vital to not only ensure business can be successful but also to support the growing number of residents in the city as well. 

We are working with Auckland Transport to explore how servicing and freight delivery can be improved for the city centre, including the business community in this changing environment. We will work with the business community on this initiative as the involvement of city-based businesses, property owners and their suppliers in this process is vital to ensure the best solution for Auckland.

Sydney is facing similar challenges to us, and local agencies there have taken action to improve this part of doing business. Steps they have taken include encouraging deliveries to happen outside of peak times and creating a courier hub to ease congestion.