$100,000 Auckland Airport grant to support New Zealand Tourism Businesses

If you operate a business that targets international tourism markets, you may be interested in Auckland Airport’s Tourism Development Grants.  The initiative provides seed funding for new international tourism products.

This year there are two $50,000 grants available that will be awarded to tourism initiatives that help in the creation, development or "clustering" of experiences in New Zealand’s low and shoulder season, rather than in the traditional summer and winter tourism peaks.

The focus of each grant is

Clustering: several experiences working together within a region or regions,
Developing seasonal themes for these clustered offerings,
Considering key New Zealand markets: China, Australia, US, India. 

The grant is open to New Zealand based tourism operators, regional tourism organisations, or organisations with the ability to deliver on the proposed business plan and programme.

Products are to provide for an Auckland Airport arrival and/or departure.

Closing date 30 June 2017.

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Last updated: 
Wednesday 24 May 2017