Aucklanders remain positive about the city centre

A survey that we’ve recently undertaken tells us that Aucklanders still feel positive about visiting the city centre, despite the significant transformation that is underway. They told us they still want to visit, that they agree that the city centre is the place to go for events and dining. They also told us that they were more likely to visit the city by walking or cycling than they did in May last year.

Some of the key findings from the survey were that:

  • Aucklanders still feel positive about visiting the city centre.
  • Aucklanders attitudes of the city centre haven't markedly changed since the survey was first undertaken in May last year, despite the significant scale of development and construction in the city. 
  • They are also generally supportive about the changes underway, and many felt that that the city centre will improve once the development is complete.
  • Aucklanders continue to agree that the city centre is the place to go for events and concerts and dining and easy for them to get to.
  • Since our survey last year, more Aucklanders told us that they were likely to walk or cycle to access the city centre and we've also seen a change in travel habits, with people more likely to use the train.
  • There was also a reduction in the number of Aucklanders who mentioned congestion and gridlock as an issue in relation to city centre access.
  • For those who don't work in the city centre, more told us that they'd come into the city in the evenings and weekends than early last year.

Whilst businesses continue to face some challenges associated with construction, the results from this survey are reassuring. We will continue to monitor perceptions around disruption and traffic congestion, while continuing to deliver work streams that ensure the city remains top of mind and relevant to Aucklanders. We're undertaking some more detailed analysis of the survey along with other information including spending to get a good idea of any emerging trends for the city centre.