City Centre Transformation - The next ten years

A ten year programme of works for the city centre, including projects to be funded by the City Centre Targeted Rate is in development. The final plan will be informed by funding that may be now available as a result of Council’s new Transport Targeted Rate, feedback on their long term plan, as well decisions around the future of Light Rail. Auckland Transport has just released for comment an amendment to their Regional Land Transport Policy to include reference to Light Rail which will allow them to proceed with the project in the future should they wish. As a key stakeholder in the city, through our role on the Auckland City Centre Advisory Board (ACCAB) we are involved in reviewing and discussing the draft programme of work before it is finalised. This will take into consideration the overall outcomes that the projects look to achieve, the timing for projects so as to reduce construction impact and any key independencies. We will keep HOTCity members updated with this as it progresses. 

A map showing likely Council projects, including $10 billion worth of private sector investment which includes a number of new residential developments that will see an increase in resident numbers that will make it better for business in the city is published below. 

More information about this map is available here