Complete our begging survey

We know that begging is an issue that many people have strong opinions about and we would like to know more about what you think. So, we are undertaking some research with our members about begging in the city centre and how it is affecting business.

Heart of the City has always taken an active stance to ensure that the city centre is a safe and attractive place for everyone. This includes our contribution to the City Watch programme that supports compliance with the Public Safety and Nuisance bylaw. Now we are doing further work on possible ways to address the impact of begging in public places.

Begging is a complex issue and there are generally multiple reasons why people live and/or beg on the streets. New Zealand and international best practice tells us that the most effective way to effect change and address begging is to address the drivers of begging, rather than simply deal with the effects. This requires strong leadership and a collaborative approach.

This research will help us to understand the nature of the concerns our members hold around begging and the extent of this concern and will inform our approach.

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Last updated: 
Tuesday 6 Jun 2017