Construction Survey

Recent construction in the city centre has affected some Heart of the City members and we have a key role in seeking action to minimise the negative effects of construction on business.

Last week we sent members a link to a survey to help us assess the impact of construction on city centre businesses. The information we receive will help us advocate particularly with Auckland Council and Auckland Transport with the aim of reducing the impact of construction.

Thank you to those who have completed the survey already! We have had a great initial response. Some emerging themes are:

  • Many respondents considered they had no or little warning about construction activity near their business
  • Many respondents noted their business had been impacted by construction many times
  • For most respondents, the disruptions affected accessibility and business activity.

The survey only takes a few minutes to complete and allows for you to share multiple experiences as they happen. You are welcome to make a submission for each experience. Please click here. The survey will be available for the foreseeable future given that construction is ongoing in some areas. 

Alternatively, this survey can also be downloaded for FREE from the app store on your mobile. Search for SenseMaker, download the APP and then search for Construction to find the survey.

  • People enjoying Lower Queen Street as a public space.
  • Installation of steel struts on Albert Street ahead of tunnel excavation.
Last updated: 
Wednesday 24 May 2017