Kindness to Sweep the City Centre Streets

Kindness to Sweep the Streets of the Auckland City Centre – Friday 1 September 2017 

Auckland City Centre community builders Splice, will be igniting a wave of kindness by handing out 5000 “Little Pots of Kindness”, small jars of honey, on Queen St and K’Rd on the morning of Friday 1 September.   

Splice are encouraging people to consider the impact, elevated levels of kindness can have on how we are as communities.  How much more enjoyable, connected and positive our daily lives could be through simple actions, that feel as good in the giving, as they do in the receiving. 

Some of Auckland city centre’s cafes are also jumping in to help build the wave of kindness, offering a number of free coffees on the day, building the often special relationship between barista and coffee consumer, into a broader outward expression of goodwill and connection. 

Splice adheres to the notion that kindness is contagious and well worth catching.  Even the smallest of act of kindness has the capacity to generate the next, creating an ongoing ripple of positivity in a neighbourhood. 

Kindness has never gone out of fashion, everyone has experienced it but almost because of its simplicity, we can run the risk of missing its importance in communities.  Failure to treat each other kindly leads to an unhappy path of poor relationships, isolation and potential conflict. Conversely deliberately activating our kindness, brings out the best in us as humans.   

Splice’s invitation on Friday 1 September and beyond, is to have fun by taking action with the powerful combination of enjoyment and compassion, that is kindness. 

 Splice is a community development team working in the Auckland city centre seeking to be part of the building of a unique neighbourhood that includes over 40,000 residents along with those who come into the city centre to work, study, play and create. 
Contact:  Mik Smellie,, 021 44 8686 
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Thursday 17 Aug 2017