Opening Up the City Centre's Waterfront

On 20 March, the NZ Herald reported that Auckland Council is poised to open up more of the city's waterfront. The draft plan, due to be released today, would introduce new cruise ship facilities, berths for superyachts and a park on Wynyard Point.
The main features are reported to be:

Wynyard Point
A planned 4.5ha park at the end of Wynyard Point has been reconfigured to include some parkland at the end and more parkland running further down the east side to create a longer green belt view from the city.

Halsey Street Wharf Extension
Build a wharf extension 60m-80m into the harbour to accommodate superyachts.

Ferry Basin
Reconfigure the ferry basin with boardwalks or even reclamation to create more public space. Move ferry berths up the western side of Queens Wharf.

Queens Wharf
Eventually remove the Cloud and build a mooring dolphin underneath the end of the wharf for mooring mega cruise ships.

Captain Cook Wharf
Turn the wharf into the city's main cruise ship terminal, possibly with a wharf extension – if the Ports of Auckland give up the wharf.

The Auckland waterfront is a much loved part of our city and one of our greatest assets. It’s a place to work, live, visit and relax in and a wonderful gateway to the central business district. Heart of the City are interested in hearing your views on the proposals for the Auckland waterfront. Please contact with your comments.

Last updated: 
Tuesday 28 Mar 2017