Outdoor Trading Charges proposed to almost double in the City Centre

Auckland Council are proposing to almost double the cost of outdoor dining in the city centre, as part of a process to standardise fees for all trading and events activities across the region to coincide with the new Trading and Events in Public Places Bylaw coming into effect 1 July 15. These proposed changes will impact on HOTCity businesses with street trading licences.

The proposals include an increase of rental fees to $140/m2, up from $70/m2 which is significantly higher than surrounding areas, including Ponsonby Road and Newmarket. The rates are based on average land values in the area plus a 5.4 % yield. On face value this seems to unfairly penalise city centre businesses over those in other areas. We support the need to charge for the privilege of using outdoor public space for commercial gain, but are concerned that this does not appear equitable nor support the aspirations of creating a vibrant, business friendly city centre. 

More detail on the available charges are here.

We would like to know what your view is about these proposed charges. Please answer our survey here.