Proposed Targeted Rate on Accommodation Providers

Last month, Auckland Council consulted on their 2017/2018 annual budget.  The Council’s consultation document focused on five issues - rates increases, rating stability, paying for tourism promotion, paying for housing infrastructure and paying Council staff a living wage.  Of particular focus in our submission was the Council’s proposal to fund tourism promotion through a targeted rate on commercial accommodation.  We do not support the introduction of an accommodation supplement.  While we acknowledge the challenges to infrastructure resulting from tourism growth, we do not believe a targeted rate on accommodation providers is the right mechanism to address it.  Further, we do not consider the Annual Budget round as the appropriate time in the planning cycle to hold a discussion on what is a significant new policy and rating instrument.   We see this as an issue that could more appropriately considered next year as part of the Council’s Long Term Plan and we have signaled that we would welcome the opportunity to participate in such discussions on behalf of our members.   We also noted in our submission that the impact of tourism is an issue beyond Auckland and as such is also a matter for central government.  Read our submission.

Heart of the City submitted our own response to the draft plan, but also worked with other Auckland business associations to make a joint submission to the Regional Stakeholder Forum.  Coming together as a collective voice was an important show of unity and illustrates the ongoing commitment of the various Auckland business associations towards the economic success of the city. Read the joint submission.

Last updated: 
Wednesday 3 May 2017