Rubbish collection and your responsibilities

Rubbish and recycling might not be glamorous, but it can play a major role in how the city is perceived by visitors, workers and residents. Rubbish being placed outside of the collection times or not in the official bags is causing some parts of the city to look untidy, so make sure your business and your neighbours are disposing of waste appropriately to reduce negative impacts and avoid fines.

We've recapped the details about Auckland Council's rubbish and recycling collections in the city centre below - if you are having trouble with collection times or the current process, please contact us so we can help work out a way to deal with it.

Auckland Council's city centre rubbish and recycling collections

  • General rubbish, recycling, paper and cardboard collection times in the central city:

    • 13 times weekly
    • Monday to Saturday between 5pm and 5:30pm, and 12 midnight to 4am
    • Sunday after 12 midnight only
  • Fines apply for rubbish placed outside the collection times ($400) or rubbish disposed of illegally (up to $25,000)
  • NB. This information relates to council collections only. Some buildings and businesses use private waste management suppliers. If you're not sure which applies to your business, check with your property manager.
  • For more detail about rubbish collections, council rubbish bags, how to dispose of fats and oils, and informtion about what can and can't be dumped, see our full set of information about city rubbish and recycling.

Reducing waste and recycling

Auckland Council have published some helpful advice that may help your business:


Last updated: 
Wednesday 29 Nov 2017