SkyPath – Public Submissions close on 23 January

The SkyPath project is at a critical stage, submissions are open for the Resource Consent process until Friday 23 January. SkyPath will create a walking and cycling link between the North Shore and the Heart of the City. It will link through with Waterfront Auckland’s walking and cycling promenade through Westhaven currently under construction, and NZTA’s planned SeaPath link to Takapuna, which is being planned to be built in time for SkyPath. SkyPath will bring a broad range of benefits to the city centre, it will:

be an additional reason for visitors to stay another night in Auckland, bringing with it substantial economic gain
improved walking & cycling in the city and reduces pressure on our struggling road network
creates new recreational activity for Aucklanders
and will be a catalyst Auckland's walking & cycling network that is now coming together as a regional & connected 

Generation Zero and Cycle Action Auckland have joined forces to develop a campaign to encourage Auckland who are in support of the project to make a submission to the Resource Consent process. This can be accessed here.

Bevan Woodward, Project Director, says that "the project is a marvellous example of what a community initiative can achieve. We’ve developed a professional and comprehensive solution for a complex and challenging environment. It’s taken longer than expected but our Resource Consent team have been very thorough in considering all the issues and there have been many stakeholders to engage with.”

Reaching the Resource Consent stage is a huge milestone, it’s all about making SkyPath a reality. It will transform our Harbour Bridge from a ‘vehicles only’ motorway crossing to bridge that represents a more accessible and sustainable Auckland. It is a great step that connects the shores of the Waitematā and makes Auckland a more walkable city.

The Trust has requested that the Resource Consent application be fully notified to ensure all interested parties can provide their input. The process for public notification will be confirmed by Auckland Council in due course.

Heart of the City has just made a submission in support of the project. You can find a copy of our submission here.

Visit for more information about the project.