WHERE NEXT™ – The new App for the Central City

We're recently launched our very own clever little app. WHERE NEXT™ knows what you like, what's close, cool and on in the heart of Auckland City. It's full of ideas that you can pretend are yours, so you won't ever be stuck for what to do next in the central city again.

The WHERE NEXT™ App offers people a clever and meaningful utility for their mobile (iPhone or android) that encourages people to stay longer and do more in the city by giving them ideas of what to do/where to go next & providing us with a tool that talks to our audience in a highly personalised, relevant way based on their preferences & behaviour.

  •  It is based around the concept of WHERE NEXT™, where users in the central city can ask for recommendations on where to go and what to do next based on a set of criteria OR solely based on their location
  •  It is all about getting Aucklanders to spend more time in the central city, extending their stay and giving them a deeper experience in the Heart of the City
  •  It will provide a meaningful utility to encourage and enable people to get more out of their city visit by serving suggestions on where to go next – inspired by what we know they like or are interested in, or even just their GPS location in that minute, time of day, etc.
  • It will be powered by a smart engine, that gets smarter as people use the app
  •  Will be able to send push notifications for offers – to things/places we know they’re interested in
  •  Provides us with a new way of starting a conversation with our audience, that is meaningful
Download the WHERE NEXT™ app here.