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10-Year Budget, The Auckland Plan, Waste Management

Thursday 29 Mar 2018

Our submission to Auckland Council's 10-Year budget, The Auckland Plan and Waste Management and Minimisation Plan included the key points:

  • Funding transport - support for the regional fuel tax, but as an interim step to other initiatives that better manage demand and raise funding equitably 
  • City centre transformation - support ongoing investment in the city centre at an increased level to support its growth and success, including an extension of the city centre targeted rate to cover the full 10-year programme.
  • Arts and culture - support our world class Art Gallery and our built heritage to enrich the city’s cultural experiences for Aucklanders and visitors.
  • Rates - encourage a rating policy that can bridge the gap of years of under investment, and that it can encourage and not inhibit business growth and much needed private sector development.
  • Homelessness - Invest to support the challenges associated with this growth and do more to achieve greater social inclusion in our city.  Request to ensure there is adequate funding to end homelessness in the city centre before it becomes an even bigger issue.
  • Waste - For the city centre to become an exemplar of zero waste through collaboration with council and business.