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Wai Horotiu Queen Street Project

Work is now underway in the area between Mayoral Drive and Wellesley Street. It is currently planned to be completed in September 2022.

Summary of work

Zone 5 (Mayoral Drive – Wellesley Street), January – March
Zone 3 (Victoria St – Shortland St), March – July
Zone 4 (Wellesley St – Victoria St), May-August

It will be largely above ground and will begin in Zone 5. Work will start on the western side of the street before moving to the east. Then, work will move north into Zones 3 and 4 using the same approach. 
A full description of the main work happening in each zone can be found here.

Who to contact

Cherie Armer has been appointed Stakeholder Liaison Manager by JFC, who are carrying out the streetscaping work with Auckland Council. She will assist and liaise with local businesses and community members throughout the project.
Her contact details are: 
021 420 108

While Cherie Armer should be the first port of call for businesses with any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact Heart of the City if you have any concerns as we will maintain regular contact with the project team.

Final Design

A summary of the final design elements has been included in the project’s most recent newsletter. This includes the shared scooter/bike/pedestrian path and loading zones, along the length of the street to allow for the drop-off/pick up of both people and goods. There will be further engagement with businesses in the pedestrian mall areas of Lorne Street, Lower Vulcan Lane and Fort Street. More information about the project can be found here

Keep up to date with the project by signing up for the Wai Horotiu Queen Street Project newsletter by emailing

The latest newsletter is available here