Heart of the City Precincts & Map

Our central city is made up of a number of precincts that offer distinct business, retail and entertainment experiences. For more information about the businesses that are within these areas, visit Auckland's Heart of the City website. For more information about Heart of the City boundaries, download our map

Queen Street

Queen Street has the most significant concentration of retail shopping activity in the central city, and is one of the locations of high-end international luxury brands. The precinct will continue to develop as a retail "address” of national and international significance, offering continuously active retail and entertainment activities along its main section from Custom Street to Wellesley Street.

Arts Precinct

The Arts precinct is located in the 'heart' of the city centre, and is home to the Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland Central City Library, Aotea Square, Auckland Town Hall, Aotea Centre and Civic Theatre. It is also home to a number of private dealer galleries, theatres and cinemas, and is serviced by great bars and restaurants. This is where people come to enjoy the Auckland's vibrant arts scene.

High Street District

The High Street District is an eclectic mix of independent fashion boutiques, brand labels, giftware, restaurants and bars, and has a distinctly New Zealand flavour that appeals to a broad range of visitors. Its role will evolve further over time, with an increasing focus on outdoor dining and activities, with linkages created through Commerce Street and Fort Lane to the retail precinct at Britomart.


Britomart is a successful mixed use activity precinct that houses high-quality specialty retail tenants and an active street dining and hospitality atmosphere, and is a showcase for the city's built heritage. It is a focus for tourist visitors, office workers and city centre residents alike, and is an important link between the Queen Street Core and the emerging waterfront district.

Viaduct and Waterfront

Viaduct and Waterfront stretches from Wynyard Quarter in the west, along to the port in the East. It offers distinctive pockets of fine dining and entertainment activities in Princes Wharf, Viaduct and Wynyard Quarter areas. It also support the numerous commercial and residential tenants in the area through service base retailing, and is a key gateway to the city centre.

Federal & Elliott Street

The City West area lies adjacent to the Queen Street precinct and is anchored with hospitality and entertainment in the Federal Street and Elliott/Darby Street areas. There is a strong pedestrian focus, with an increasing presence of outdoor dining and 24/7 entertainment offering.

Victoria Quarter

It's the historic warehouse and industrial area of Auckland's CBD, bounded by Hobson, Fanshawe and Union Streets, the motorway, and includes Victoria Park. Once the industrial hub of early Auckland, the quarter is now an eclectic mix of historic buildings and commercial activities. Sitting on the periphery of the core CBD retail area, the area is developing a strong hospitality offering, particularly in and around the Drake and Sale street areas and the newly redeveloped Victoria Park Market. A cluster of hip dining experiences have claimed the City Works Depot on Cook Street as home. During the day it caters to the large number of commercial tenants in the area, and at night residents and visitors. It is a gateway to both the City West and the Waterfront areas.

The Commercial District

This is the hub of the city's business district, and includes the Shortland Street and Fort Street areas. It is home to many of the country's premier legal and accounting firms. During the day, the area offers an increasing mix of retail, café, restaurant and commercial activities, and at night increasing entertainment offerings.

The Learning Quarter

Auckland's Learning Quarter is a world-class centre for education, research and commercialisation and the key to fuelling Auckland's future success. The Learning Quarter covers the city campuses of The University of Auckland and AUT University. It is a great asset for Auckland to have two of the country's high achieving universities located in the heart of the city centre. This makes The Learning Quarter a cornerstone in Auckland's attraction to local and international businesses, potential students and residents.

The Learning Quarter is a vibrant place with a stimulating environment, rich heritage, a strong history of achievements, significant open spaces and landscapes (such as Albert Park), unique cultural facilities and a diverse range of events and activities.