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Membership: being part of Heart of the City


Auckland’s city centre is home to the largest business community in New Zealand, generating around 20% of the region’s GDP in less than 1% of its area.

More information about how we support business and the benefits of becoming a member of Heart of the City can be found here.

Who can become a member?

Businesses and commercially-rated property owners within our boundary are eligible to be members of Heart of the City, at no cost, and there’s lots of benefits to being involved. Feel free to get in touch if you're just outside our boundary and interested in what we do.

How we can support you

We champion a successful city centre for businesses like yours. We work to make sure Auckland’s city centre is a vibrant, exciting place to live, work and visit and to spread the word about it.

We do this by:

The benefits of becoming a member of Heart of the City

Find out more about the work we do here

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Credit Sacha Stejko