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Latest Insights for the city centre

Each quarter, we delve into the latest data for Auckland's city centre. Find out about what’s happening with our spend, foot traffic and accommodation occupancy data, as well as new business news and leasing insights. 

December 2023 Quarterly Insights

So, what did the last 12 months look like for the city centre, and what happened in the last quarter?

When looking at the year-end to December 2023, there are positive trends to report. There’s been more spending - up 13% on 2022 - and more people - up 32% on 2022. 

GDP growth in the city centre has also outpaced the rest of New Zealand, growing +9% (to the year ending March 2023). Commercial leasing continues to be positive, with more businesses locating here (overall business numbers grew by +1% to 15,201).

It was a mixed bag for the December quarter itself, with still a way to go, particularly with foot traffic.... read more.

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