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Auckland Transport Bollards Installation

Auckland Transport (AT) generally does not install bollards outside businesses for building protection purposes, due to the high costs of ongoing maintenance at the expense of the public. However, where a site has experienced ram-raiding or repeated vehicle accidents, AT will consider the installation of bollards near the front of their building at the landowner’s expense.

The requirements are as follows:

  • The applicant will need to submit a written application, with details of the incident and either include a police report or insurance claim/ recommendation.
  • Provide a detailed plan, drawing or picture of the bollards they are wanting to install, with specific details of the location they are wanting to place the bollards.
  • The landowner will be responsible for all costs associated with the installation, removal and ongoing maintenance, they must keep the bollards in a good and safe condition.
  • The applicant must undertake a proper footpath assessment to ensure the installation of bollards does not interfere or affect any underground utility services.
  • Any work undertaken on the footpath must obtain a Corridor Access Request (CAR) permit before digging commences. Details of this process is available on the AT website: Corridor Access Requests.
  • The landowner must also obtain and fully comply with any statutory consent requirements, such as building and/or resource consent – which may be required from Auckland Council.
  • Auckland Transport reserves the right to withdraw its authorisation if it's determined the footpath site is required for future redevelopment projects. Should this eventuate, the property owner will be given a thirty-day (30 days) notification period to allow for the bollard/s to be removed.

General bollard requirements:

  • Bollards should be installed directly outside the building. (within 500 millimetres of the building).
  • The minimum height for bollards is 1000 millimetres.
  • Bollards must have a colour contrast to the existing environment. For example, black is not considered a suitable contrast if the background is a dark colour.
  • Footpaths need to have at minimum 1.8 metre clearance. Obstacles and hazards must be kept clear of the main travel route for pedestrians - especially for visually impaired (low vision) or blind pedestrians.
  • Any queries re bollard applications need to go through – please send all bollards/planter box enquiries through to this email address.
  • A reminder to businesses, the process for Police Funding is, the NZ Police will contact businesses if they are eligible for funding, businesses can not apply directly to the Police.
  • Businesses can send queries through to email for any queries around the funding and process:

The full information is published on the Auckland Transport website here.