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Auckland's Dolphin & Whale Safari

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The Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari offers breathtaking tours of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. Experience the stunning Auckland skyline and harbour bridge, the thrill of being on the water and of course meet the gulf's resident population of whales, dolphins and seabirds. 

Part of the Pacific Ocean, the Hauraki Gulf covers an area of 4000 km² surrounding the Auckland and Coromandel regions. The park is full of a diverse range of rare and exotic ocean life. For example, the critically endangered Bryde’s whale is one such species that can be found in the Hauraki Gulf. Incredibly, over 25 of the 37 southern hemisphere marine mammals have been identified in the area, which makes up almost a third of the world’s population of these species.

For over 14 years the Dolphin Explorer has been working closely with numerous research and educational institutions to help learn more about, understand and ultimately protect the magnificent marine-mammal life found in our waters. 

Book a tour today and experience the majesty of New Zealand's beautiful marine life.