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Four Shells Kava Room & Shop

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Four Shells Kava Lounge is Tamakai Makaurau's first kava lounge

We stock and serve only the highest quality kava from the South Pacific Islands. Stop by and enjoy a unique taste of the Pacific right here in the city. 

We provide a relaxed environment for you to enjoy your kava, have great conversations, make new connections and learn more about this traditional beverage of the Pacific.

Kava is a drink prepared from the root of  Piper methysticum, commonly grown in the South Pacific. It was first domesticated in Vanuatu, from where it has made its way all around the South Pacific. There are hundreds of different kava cultivars each with a slightly different flavour and effects, Kava has been consumed as a beverage for thousands of years. It has reach spiritual and cultural value for South Pacific communities.