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Layla Kaisi Collection

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Layla Kaisi Collection is a directional take on fine jewellery, blending the old art of handcrafted jewellery, with the evolving aesthetic of understated style.

A brand of transparency and identity, our pieces are fragments of life that invite you to explore a personal narrative you can physically wear, through bespoke design.  

When you ask someone about a piece, be it a ring, a necklace, earrings; the first thing they will do is tell you the story of not only where they acquired the item, but for what reason, and who was involved and why it means something (and everything) to them. 

It is never about just the design itself, but the larger picture and story attached to the piece. 

Therefore, jewellery is essentially a physical manifestation of narrative. A moment in time you decided you wanted to adorn yourself with. Think about that. Out of all the moments and milestones in your life, you selected this precise thread of time to physically share and hold. 

This is what fine jewellery design is about to us. To give us the trust to join you in manifesting your story is a privilege second to none. 

Come with us into the centre of what it means to be part of our culture.

- Layla Kaisi Collection