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Managing the impact of construction

Keeping the city and businesses operating as close to possible as usual during the transformational change that many spaces in the city are undergoing is a high priority for us. We work with major projects to manage the impacts of construction – from noise to visual impact, cleanliness and access for supplies, customers and workers - and minimise disruption to the surrounding community wherever possible.

We’re working with the project teams behind big infrastructure works like City Rail Link to get well-considered and fully integrated development response programmes in place.

These programmes need to start with high quality engagement and communication with surrounding community members and extend to a tailored suite of tools that can help reduce the impacts of construction. The kinds of things that can be put in place include: 

  • Business mentors, advisory services and social media training for businesses
  • Wayfinding to help people navigate the changing area
  • Activations like pop up public spaces, performers and art installations
  • Traffic and pedestrian monitoring and management to ensure that people and goods can access and get around during the works
  • Improvements to building frontages and attractive site hoardings

If you have any questions about the impact of construction in the city and how it’s managed, we’d love to hear from you. Find out how to get in touch here.

  • City Rail Link 'businesses open as usual' hoardings on Albert Street, August 2018. Image: Heart of the City