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In collaboration with ourselves, Auckland Council and the High Street District community – including businesses, property owners, residents and other key stakeholders – a pilot was undertaken over 2019 and 2020 to explore how to improve High Street.

Space on High Street was in consistently high demand for all users – which led to its congestion issues. The pilot focused on making it a great place for people while also supporting the needs of businesses.

The project followed an iterative design process. This meant that the community had many opportunities to be involved in the design process, which took a ‘test and learn’ approach. Each trial was evaluated with input from the community and the ideas were refined over time.

Changes included a ‘drop in’ footpath that created more space for pedestrians, more greenery and more space for loading for businesses in the area. These changes were made using a ‘lighter, quicker, cheaper' approach. This meant that there was minimal disruption to businesses, with the streetscape changes literally dropped in overnight.

For more information about the High Street Upgrade, visit the Auckland Council website. 

Before and after photos: