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The vision for the city centre

“By 2032 Auckland's city centre will be highly regarded internationally as a centre for business and learning, innovation, entertainment, culture and urban living - all with a distinctly 'Auckland' flavour.”  -  Auckland City Centre Masterplan

Auckland’s goals for change and growth in the city centre are set out by council's City Centre Masterplan and Waterfront Plan.

The plans strive for a city that is more people-friendly - welcoming to families, safe and appealing for people walking and on bikes - and respectful of the environment and mana whenua. A place we are all proud of, feel excited about visiting and where we can do business and be entertained.

They map out how the city needs to change to achieve the vision and goals with eight 'transformational moves'. Individual infrastructure and public space development projects fall under these eight categories.

The plans recognise that investing in the city centre, and making it a place where businesses are supported to succeed, is an investment in the region’s future prosperity. City businesses and residents play a significant role in funding public developments in the area through the City Centre Targeted Rate.

  • People sitting in the sun on the terracing in Freyberg Place in Auckland's city centre, with the statue of General Freyberg and the Ellen Melville Centre visible. Image: Sacha Stejko