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Auckland City Centre Overnight Parking Changes Delayed

News story
Thursday 16 May 2024

Auckland Transport (AT) announced late yesterday that they will delay overnight parking charges till October. As you may have seen, we have spoken in the media over the last few days about the importance of understanding the needs of the city centre and business, and not just impose change like this at short notice. The night-time economy is a third of city centre spend and we need to ensure there is safe, affordable parking for late night workers and others who have spoken out.

Given the widespread concern raised, AT has made a sensible decision to allow for discussions to be had with those most affected. It’s critical that these discussions are open and undertaken with a willingness to consider new ideas to meet people’s needs.

Ideally, this would be part of the work that is already underway by AT to develop a city centre parking management plan, which is due to be completed, with community consultation, in advance of the CRL opening.

Several things to note:

  • Due to the closure of the Wynyard Quarter bridge, Auckland Transport will not make any further changes in this area until the bridge is back up and running.
  • They still intend to put in place charging for Sundays and Public Holidays from 1 July. In the city centre area, this would be introduced in the Green and Orange areas on the map (linked here), as this is already the case in the ‘Blue’ area.

Business Input
Once we have met with Auckland Transport to understand their planned approach for further discussions, we will outline opportunities for feedback.

We want to see good decisions that support the city centre and encourage people to come here. 

We welcome your views on this, please contact us