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Auckland city centre on track to Billion Dollar loss in spending

Press release
Sunday 31 Oct 2021

Auckland’s city centre is on track to hit $1 Billion loss in consumer spending* before it reaches the new red trading level.  Action to avert an even more devastating loss of livelihoods and support the wellbeing of thousands of hardworking people becomes more urgent each day. 

“There is a growing sense of desperation and a call to allow vaccinated people to earn a living before it’s too late,” says Viv Beck, Chief Executive.  “People are at a loss to comprehend the inequities in the current system and a feeling that Wellington has no idea of the extent of the carnage unfolding before us.”

“We are pleased that the Government is now engaging more closely and that some changes have been announced.  However, there needs to be more urgency towards resuming trading, with a domestic opening date set to create urgency for vaccination and certainty for planning.   Other outstanding things we have asked for include:

  • Access to low-cost, easy-to-repay money – to help people survive and invest
  • Allow vaccinated people back to work – to provide customers for our businesses
  • Funding to reactivate the city centre and region – as other international cities are doing.

“We need to see a different approach to balancing the health and economic response now covid has hit the community.  Our businesses have diligently done what has been asked of them, following the protocols and getting vaccinated.  But we cannot ignore the huge costs they are bearing – many of which are not quantified.   As well as the loss of livelihoods, we also need to take account of other health and wellbeing impacts from covid to highlight the need for a better balance in our response.”   

*Since the start of 2020, compared with 2019 spending