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Business surveillance testing

News story
Thursday 30 Sep 2021

A Message from the Ministry of Health

As part of the Ministry of Health’s targeted approach to COVID-19 testing in Auckland, businesses permitted to operate in higher alert levels are being requested to take part in the testing of their workforce.

Due to the nature of their jobs, people who are permitted to work in Alert Level 3 and 4, mix with a lot more people - that’s why testing these workers will help us gain increased assurance that we have stamped out the Delta outbreak in our community.

MOH are asking workers who have no COVID-19 symptoms to undertake two COVID-19 tests, at least five days apart, over the next two weeks.

Workers who have already had a test since we entered Alert Level 3 are requested to have another test at least five days since the first.

Any groups already undertaking surveillance testing, such as workers crossing alert level boundaries or border workers, do not need to participate in this additional testing. 

Workers who have no symptoms do not need to isolate while they await their test results and will be able to continue their normal daily life under Alert Level 3 restrictions.

How to get a test

Staff should take an appropriate voucher which you can find here to any of the community testing centres, your GP or any urgent care centre. An up-to-date list of community testing centres in Auckland is available here.

On the vouchers, there are separate codes for Essential Businesses that were operating during Alert Level 4 and Permitted Businesses operating at Alert Level 3.  The code indicates that the worker doesn’t have any symptoms of COVID-19 and is part of our targeted surveillance testing.

Designation Working During Code
Essential Worker Alert Level 4


Permitted Worker Alert Level 3 SURV-AL3B

Locations of testing centres in and around the heart of the city can be found here.