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CCTV footage as a tool for a safer city centre

News story
Monday 26 Jul 2021

CCTV can be a useful tool in addressing crime and supporting a safer city centre. Below is detail about making footage available for investigations and providing information about private CCTV coverage of public spaces as part of a wider network.

Supplying CCTV footage to police 

If there is footage of an offence taking place, it can be used to assist in police investigations.

  • Video footage can be supplied manually to the local police station (USB / DVD etc) or be collected by an officer
  • CCTV footage can be included in a Dropbox link which can be emailed to Police or entered into the online 105 system. This will allow Police to view and download the footage.

Providing details of external CCTV cameras

Police are inviting the submission of details of city centre CCTV cameras on private property, where they have an external view - that is, looking out on the footpath and/or road. If your property has an external CCTV camera and you would like to provide details to the police, please download the form below, fill it out and email it to Sergeant Pethybridge.     

Details of external CCTV cameras form