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Federal Street Stage 2 Project: feedback to Auckland Transport

Sunday 10 Dec 2017

Heart of the City gave the following feedback to Auckland Transport on the draft design for the Federal Street Stage 2 upgrade project.

Feedback closed on 10 December 2017.

A flexible approach to management of the space

  • There is increasing pressure on spaces for loading and servicing businesses (and residential communities) in the city centre and whilst in the immediate area of Federal Street, restricting loading to 6-11am may be seen as achievable and with little impact, with future plans for Wellesley Street and the relocation of buses to Mayoral Drive, the removal of loading spaces outside of 11am is likely to make it even harder for this important activity to take place. It’s the incremental reduction in loading spaces that is having a cumulative impact on this activity. Whilst we understand that there are off street loading bays for a number of buildings on this street we would ask that Auckland Transport considers this and as such allows for a level of flexibility to be shown around the time restrictions that are put in place for loading (i.e. a courier parking on the street to drop something off) – at least in the initial stages while people adjust to the changes and alternative activity is somewhat scarce.  

Safety and Activation

  • This area is relatively quiet and much of the current day to day activity that is seen in the street would likely come from people coming and going from their parked vehicles.  The removal of carparking from the street would likely remove a lot of this activity. We ask that consideration is given as to what this might mean for the space; and what alternative activity needs to be actively planned for in the space. It would be undesirable if suddenly a lower number of people in the area means less opportunities for passive surveillance; and an increase in undesirable activity.

Overall design

  • This is a lovely part of the city centre, in fact quite unique because of it being relatively quiet. Is there scope in the design for increased greening – building on the leafy green of the tree in the St Matthew-in-the-City garden?

An inclusive street

  • With the removal of parking, has consideration been given to the ability for people with mobility issues and parking?

Development Response

  • We ask that well in advance of undertaking construction in the area, a development response plan is put in place that factors how the project will seek to minimise the impact to the surrounding community (working with the Barbara Holloway and the team at ADO if need be).

Update: 8 May 2018 - Response from Auckland Transport

We have received a response indicating our feedback about planting, loading, access including disability parking and business continuity has been positively received - you can read the full letter of response here.