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Heart of the City Response on the City Centre Bus Plan

Thursday 28 Oct 2021


Heart of the City (HOTC) is the business association for Auckland’s city centre and we represent the interests of businesses and property owners.  We are committed to the growth and success of the city centre as a vibrant, accessible, safe and welcoming urban community.


1.0 Heart of the City supports the need to create legible, safe and positive experiences for bus users, which includes more efficient journey times achieved by dedicated bus lanes, off street facilities, improved on street facilities and rationalised routes.

1.1 What impact could Light Rail have on the function/role for Customs and Fanshawe Street for buses if it was approved and extended to Wynyard Quarter? Would this change the bus access needs to Wynyard Quarter, including proposed off-street facilities?

1.2 Placemaking and other street functions. We understand that the identification of Custom Street as a bus priority corridor does not predetermine how the street will be designed, including for kerbside use, or function for other modes. Can this please be confirmed.

1.3 We raise this point as it’s imperative that the planning and design for Customs Street must consider other modes and user needs, as well as current and future adjacent land use.

1.4 This has not happened on the Wellesley Street project, (currently out for consultation). We have seen the removal of all loading zones on the street despite this being a need for businesses in the area. Whilst a loading and servicing plan for the area is now under development, it is a concern that its definition as a bus corridor has driven a design that has given no consideration of other needs in the area.

1.5 We are supportive of bus routes terminating at dedicated facilities to the west and east of the city centre, rather in bus stops in the central area. We also acknowledge the benefit of removing ‘bus layovers’ which are a current issue particularly in the Wynyard Quarter area. We appreciate there is work underway to identify the best locations and approach for the off-street bus facilities and that HOTC will continue to be across this work as it develops.