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Who's spending money on what in the city centre?

News story
Thursday 15 Nov 2018

Locals do most of the spending in the city centre, with people from the wider Auckland region accounting for almost two thirds of total consumer spending over the three months from July to September. Of these Aucklanders, most are from the central isthmus area, roughly spanning from the city centre in the north, to Glendowie in the east, Otahuhu in the south and Avondale in the west. Almost a third of all of the money spent here comes from these central suburbs.

New Zealanders from outside of Auckland account for almost 20% of spending, and the remaining 17% of spending is by international visitors to the city.

Spending origin breakdown for Auckland's city centre, July - September 2018. Data source: Marketview.

Around half of all spending in the city centre comes from people aged under 40, with over 15% of spending from people under 20, due largely to our significant student population.  

And what are people spending money on here?

Our city centre is well known for its dining scene, and the single biggest category for consumer spending here is cafés and restaurants. For every dollar spent in the city centre over the July – September quarter, 25c of it was on dining.

Fashion also racks up a significant number of sales, with almost half a million purchases over this three month period.

Other major business types/spending categories for the city centre include accommodation, food retailing (including grocery) and hospitality – the category that saw the strongest growth over the past quarter.

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