Member Benefits & Services

We are committed to developing a central city that all Aucklanders are proud of, is a thriving place to do business, is accessible, vibrant and a great place to be.

Heart of the City is involved in a range of activities to support, market and promote the central city and the businesses within it. We also work closely with agencies like Auckland Council to develop specific strategies or policies that seek to improve the city environment, and contribute to business development in the city centre.

We offer:

  • A point of contact for business enquiries to assist doing business in the city
  • Opportunities for businesses to promote themselves via our digital and social marketing channels across the year
  • Opportunities for businesses to get involved with a range of events, from member networking events to consumer events such as Fashion in the City, Restaurant Month and ArtWeek
  • Support on safety and prevention programmes such as CityWatch, StoreWatch and BarWatch
  • Regular communication to businesses, on what is going on in the city and important information that will affect business on a day-to-day basis
  • Research and statistics through the collection and monitoring of key data about the city centre, including 24/7 pedestrian counts and spending results.

In this section you can find details of what we do to support our members, and the activity we deliver to create a vibrant city centre.

Our major work focuses are:

  • Business support and development
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Events and sponsorship
  • Research and measurement
  • Advocacy
  • Heritage
  • Safety

In this section you will also find details of who is eligible to become a member of Heart of the City, benefits of membership and further information about some of the organisations key priorities.

Recent activity delivered by Heart of the City has been summarised in the organisations Annual Reports, also in this section.