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A zero waste city centre? An opportunity for change

News story
Tuesday 13 Mar 2018

The daily presence of rubbish on our city's streets waiting to be collected is one of the big issues affecting what people think about the city. Whilst it's arguably a necessary part of city life, we think that there are opportunities for the city centre to collectively deal with waste in a more innovative way - reducing the amount of waste generated as well as improving the appearance of the city.

Council’s new plan: a summary

Auckland Council have just released a new draft Waste Management and Minimisation Plan and want people’s feedback by 28 March. In a nutshell, the plan aspires to reduce waste Auckland-wide over the next six years. The long term vision is for zero waste by 2040 – meaning reducing, reusing and recycling waste that would otherwise go to landfill.

Council is expanding their focus to include the 80 per cent of commercially generated waste, with a focus on construction, plastics and organics including food and green waste. There are currently no plans to change the approach to waste management in the city centre. 

Can we and should we be doing more?

We think there’s an opportunity for the city centre and the businesses here to be an exemplar in waste management and minimisation - and we know that there are many businesses in the city undertaking best practice waste reduction already. Why wait until 20+ years to go zero waste – let’s see what we can do, starting now.

The city centre is changing quickly and access in and around the city, including for rubbish trucks, is changing as it gets busier. Changing the collection times or finding ways to dispose of the ever-increasing mountains of rubbish aren’t enough – we want to find ways to make real changes to minimise rubbish and deal with what we do produce in a more sustainable way.

We're planning on talking more about this with businesses and council to define problems, investigate solutions and make change happen. There's also potential funding available through council to get waste minimisation initiatives underway.

What do you think?

We want to know what businesses think about this issue and how we can take it on.

Email us to tell us if you agree that we should strive for a zero waste city centre, or tell us what you could do to minimise waste.