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Outdoor Dining Grants - feedback from businesses.

Over 30 businesses (and counting) have received the Outdoor Dining Grant to date, using it to further enhance or create a new space for their customers. Here in their own words are some of the ways it has supported how they work during these challenging times: 

Botswana Butchery:
“We really appreciate the fact that more outdoor dining has been enabled and we’re proud to be able to provide space for customers looking for a safer outdoor option and help attract people back into the city. Having an outdoor dining area in the newly upgraded Quay Street is also great exposure for Botswana Butchery – it’s like a billboard facing out to the street and city. We loved seeing the street outside the restaurant busy with happy diners in the busy Christmas and New Year period.”- Hamish Klein, Chief Manager Operations NZ of Good Group Hospitality 

kingi/Hotel Britomart 
"With the support of Heart of the City we are excited to have been able to expand our capacity for outdoor dining. Tuawhiti Lane is now fully covered and a much-loved outdoor space by guests of kingi and The Hotel Britomart. The added capacity has given us additional space to be able to offer a safe and comfortable dining experience."- Justin Do, Food & Beverage Manager The Hotel Britomart 

Kingi/Hotel Britomart

Scratch Bakers:
“The new outdoor tables have been a big hit with our customers, they have been pretty much constantly full since we put them out and customers seem to be enjoying being outdoors under the sun umbrellas. The tables also have been great at drawing people into the cafe as they drive past and see a busy outdoor area.” -  Jonny McKessar, Managing Director, Scratch Bakers.

Scratch Bakers