Pedestrian Counts

Real Time Pedestrian Counts

Heart of the City's real time pedestrian counts are revolutionising our knowledge of how people are using our City Centre streets.

The system captures real time information on the number of people moving past the 19 locations at any one time, and operates on a 24/7 basis.

Our interactive map below allows you to see pedestrian counts at specific locations on selected dates or date periods along with comparison data. You will be able to see what happens to pedestrian activity over different days, and when there are major events and activities occurring within the vicinity of each location.


More information about the Heart of the City Pedestrian Count System


We produce quarterly reports that provide detail around trends over the quarter, from the impact of events, what happens over the course of the day, and the difference between weekday and weekends footfall.

If you have any specific pedestrian count requests for the areas where counters are currently operational, please contact us at