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How to prepare your business for an emergency


Emergencies can happen at any time, so it's a good time to regularly take stock and make sure your business is as prepared as possible to manage the impacts - just in case. 

Retail NZ
Has created a series of lists outlining what businesses need to consider when preparing for an emergency, including core business needs, Health and Safety, mental wellbeing and staff supplies. Check it out here

Emergency Management Auckland
Has simple, downloadable templates for  Emergency and Business Continuity Plans as well as a guide to getting the necessary plans in place to assist small to medium-sized businesses and organisations - with four key steps:

  • Understanding the risks to your business
  • Preparing for an emergency
  • Having an emergency plan
  • Getting involved in your community

Download the templates and get your plans underway here:

Civil Defence New Zealand
Has advice to help people and workplaces be as prepared as possible.