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Central City Community Safety Taskforce

Heart of the City is a member of the Central City Community Safety Taskforce.

The taskforce is made up of key stakeholders, including the Council, Police, and Hospitality New Zealand.

The city centre's Taskforce on Alcohol and Community Safety is made up of a cross-section of stakeholders who discuss and initiate work to improve alcohol management and safety in the central city.

Its purpose is to improve real and perceived safety in the central city by providing a platform to:

  1. Connect key stakeholders in the central city safety space – the Taskforce provides value in terms of being able to meet and interact with the people involved in the city centre, know the right people to talk to about safety issues, and build relationships
  2. To bring up issues that need to be addressed and look for shared solutions and increased knowledge around these - the Taskforce provides value in terms of being able to grow greater understanding of what other groups are doing and facing around safety and being able to find shared solutions to safety issues in the central city

For more information, contact us at 

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