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We’re located in an upmarket New Zealand heritage building just a short walk from both the University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology. As the city’s only optometry practice offering first-rate eye care specifically tailored for tertiary students, benefits include extended opening hours and generous student discounts.

We carry modern frame styles to match your lifestyle. Both mens and womens frames in in a wide range of colours and materials to ensure just the right fit. Our frames start from $69 and we offer frame and lens packages from $99. We also have a range of designer brands available in shop.

Campuspecs has invested in leading edge technology. We’re the only optometry practice in New Zealand to utilise the TOMEY 6-in-1 MR-6000 Unit.

Your one stop shop for all your eye care needs. We offer high quality same day service and on the spot repairs. Our multilingual team will be happy to assist you.

Our comprehensive eye examination includes:

  • Complete eye history to determine concerns and risk factors
  • Assessment of your internal eye health, including retina, optic disc, and blood vessels
  • Slit-lamp assessment of your external eye including lids and lashes
  • Assessment of your colour perception
  • Examination to assess glaucoma including a measure of the pressure in each eye
  • Assessment of visual functions including any refractive error
  • Tests of your eye muscles to check that they move and coordinate properly
  • Visual fields test to check for blind spots caused by eye disease or brain damage (e.g. glaucoma or stroke)
  • Assessment of pupils’ function and response
  • Discussion of the diagnosis
  • Discussion of the management options and plan for treatment