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Christmas 2021 in the heart of the city

News story
Wednesday 13 Oct 2021

Despite the uncertainties of COVID, we are working to bring a festive spirit to the heart of the city in the run-up to Christmas. 

Regardless of alert levels,  we're gearing up to put our Christmas street decorations up and launch our marketing campaign in November.

Our Christmas street decorations feature a mixture of loved favourites such as our giant baubles and our funky summer lights that give Christmas trees a modern twist. Information about where and when you can spot each of our decorations can be found below.

Currently, we are working through what the new COVID alert levels will mean for our other Christmas plans. We hope to share these exciting details with you soon. 

How Heart of the City retailers can get involved this Christmas

In the meantime, we’d love for city-centre retailers to take the opportunity to participate in our Christmas window competition and take up the offer of our new Christmas decals. These will both go ahead when we get to Level 3/Step 2.

Christmas Windows competition 2021
Christmas Decals

Keep an eye out for these Christmas decorations in the following locations:

Vulcan Lane:
Summer Lights - beautiful Christmas inspired neon lights- will be nestled in a tree from 25 October.
Fairy Lights  These Christmas classics will be on the corners of buildings on High Street and Vulcan Lane will be ready to view from the second week of November.
Doves and Globes will be gleaming on lower Vulcan Lane from the second week of November.

Durham St East:
Doves and Globes
 check out these Christmas favourites from mid-November.

Elliott St:
Decorative Angels
 will be flying overhead from mid-November.

Freyberg Place:
A Neon Star 
will be glowing from the second week of November. 

O’Connell St and Khartoum Place:
A Neon Tree
will deck these squares from the second week of November.