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Feedback on an integrated Transport Plan for Auckland

Sunday 14 May 2023

The Office of the Mayor and New Zealand Government sought high-level feedback on the development of an integrated Transport Plan for Auckland. We submitted the following:

We want to see a reliable, effective and integrated transport plan and network for Auckland.  This will address issues such as congestion that directly impact the appeal and productivity of our city centre.  A resilient, connected and affordable multi modal transport network will mean that more Aucklanders can easily access the city centre for work, study and recreation.  

Key Principles 
The following guiding principles are important to underpin work on the integrated transport plan: 

  •  Make better use of our existing road and public transport networks
  • Target investments to the most significant challenges, ensuring value for money
  • Reduce carbon emissions from the transport sector.


  • Improving equitable access for all Aucklanders: Projects like the CRL will increase the number of people living within a 45 min public transport trip to the city centre. However, that still means that without a comprehensive rapid transit network in place, 58%1 of Aucklander’s will not be within a 45 min commute of the city centre.  This is important to improve upon, particularly to support growth in employment and access to higher education and attractions not available in other areas. 
  • Building a more resilient transport system – recent weather events have shown significant vulnerabilities across our network, which impact business and all Aucklanders, and this needs to be addressed. 
  • Ensuring the efficient movement of people and goods around our city and into/out of the city centre, addressing the ‘$1.25B of lost productivity’2 (likely more in today’s terms) per annum due to congestion.  
  • Faster and more frequent bus services along with accelerating the electrification of the bus and ferry fleets.  
  • Upgrades to our rail network to allow trains to run more often. 

​Additional projects which have yet to be confirmed but should be taken into consideration to ensure an integrated approach: 

  • Access for Everyone (A4E) to support the implementation of the City Centre Masterplan
  • Waitemata Harbour Crossing
  • Congestion Charging.

Is there any other feedback you would like to give about transport in Auckland?

  • Ensuring certainty of delivery of major strategic projects once agreed. It takes too long to get things done in Auckland.  Delay to or changing of priorities through political terms leads to significant frustration, issues not overcome and benefits not realised.